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Six-month Fertility Program: Helping Couples Without Invasive Procedures.

Did you know that fertility rates have declined forty percent in the last ten years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? You’re not alone. The Body in Balance 6-month fertility program is geared toward couples who have been trying for at least six months to conceive without success. It is also recommended for couples who are trying to conceive (TTC) who want that extra boost in fertility. This is a non-invasive, non-drug program. No drugs will be given to force a woman’s body to ovulate at a specific time and no stressful invasive procedures, like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), will be recommended. This is the natural next step on the journey to find the underlying factors that are preventing conception.

After focusing on other causes that can be reversed, a Body in Balance ovulates normally. A Body in Balance achieves conception when circumstances are safe and healthy for a baby. The goal is to determine why the body isn’t making its own hormones and restore this delicate balance. When a woman is cycling normally and ovulating normally, the stage is set for a healthy pregnancy. The end result? A healthy baby!

The Body in Balance program includes:

  • Initial visit (3) with Dr. Lachman (one one-hour and one 45-min session)
  • Detailed checklists on questions to review with your birth provider, ensuring your concerns are addressed and making sure you are comfortable and informed about any interventions during labor and delivery
  • Monthly follow-up visits with Dr. Lachman (45 min)
  • Individualized, natural recommendations, including hormone-supporting herbal formulae, clinically-studied vitamins and other supplements, and individually-selected homeopathic recommendations (natural remedies used for over 200 years).
  • Are you already doing conventional drug, IVF, or IUI

    What does the fertility program entail?

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  • Supportive nutrition program customized for your symptoms. A woman with PCOS and infertility will need a different diet than an underweight woman with scant cycles.
  • Supplements for you and your partner may include:
  • Vitamin C: It has been shown that taking just 1,000mg of Vitamin C increases sperm motility by 140%!
  • Other nutrients, like zinc, Co-Q10 and Vitamin E also play a role in providing nutrition to sperm, and ensuring their ability to develop and swim normally. Beta carotene and lycopene (another antioxidant found in red foods like tomatoes) have a positive influence on shape of the sperm.
  • Melatonin: this hormone produced when we sleep helps with ovulation.
  • Caffeine withdraw: caffeine of 300mg daily (2-3 cups of coffee) lowers chances of conceiving by 27%. Even 2mg of caffeine caused a 10% reduced ability to conceive. Caffeine makes the blood vessels contract in some areas, and may be reducing blood flow to the reproductive tissues.

  • ( “After just the first two visits, I noticed an increase in my energy and overall improvement with my total well being.” KT from Doylestown ” I was having chronic issues that traditional medical care didn’t have answers for.  Contacting Dr. Lachman gave me hope.  Working with her is changing my health more quickly than I ever anticipated.  I can see improvements occurring almost daily with no side effects.  Amazing!” LR, New Castle, DE