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Is knee replacement for you in Bucks County:?

Knee replacement can be a scary surgery. Four percent of knee replacement patients are dead within 3 weeks. In most cases, we can help people even with severe knee pain. Total knee replacement... Read More »

Chicken cartilage injection for knee pain relief in Bucks County

This shot is supposed to help arthritis for 6 months. The problem is that the more injections you get, the shorter length of time they work. In our medical practice, we do use injections made with... Read More »

Cortisone causes more arthritis in Bucks County--relief for knee pain

Did you know that? Cortisone can do its job by relieving pain, but every step you take causes more pounding in the joint, and as it wears off you actually  have more damage. Cortisone actually... Read More »

The power of regenerative medicine in Bucks County

Stem cells double every day. The maximum benefit is achieved at 3 months, because at that time you've given the stem cells the chance to reproduce. Stem cells lower inflammation and help tissues... Read More »

Joint pain in New Hope

People in New Hope are educating themselves on joint pain. They want safe and effective options that don't have the side effects of drugs and surgeries. At Lachman and Associates, we help people... Read More »

Helping painful knee arthritis in Bucks County

At Lachman and Associates, our goal is to help as many people as possible prevent unnecessary knee surgery. Knee surgery doesn't always solve the pain. Sometimes knee surgery makes the pain... Read More »