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Constipation is due to impaired functioning of the colon. Dr. Lachman will ask specific questions about your constipation. A healthy body, brain, and mind start in the digestive tract, and daily bowel movements are key. Constipation can also cause headaches, bad breath, acne or other skin problems. And, according to the manufacturer, stool softeners like Dulcolax should not be taken for longer than 7 days or used excessively. Homeopathic remedies are customized to your symptoms—do you have large stools, small stools, balled stools? Other symptoms like the headaches or skin rashes? Constipation worse when  you travel or better when you drink coffee? Each symptom helps guide us to a unique remedy for your specific concerns. All without side effects! When serious causes of constipation have been ruled out by your doctor, many people find that homeopathy addresses the root causes, making the need for stool softeners or laxatives unnecessary.

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