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Dr. Lachman has seen multiple cases of asthma improve or resolve using homeopathy in her medical school training. Although rescue inhalers can save lives, daily inhalers can have side effects like insomnia and weight gain. As with all steroids (any drug that ends in ‘-sone’ like hydrocortisone) stunted growth in children is a side effect. The homeopathic remedies have no side effects, and simply stimulate the normal function of the lungs. Most people with asthma have not had it their wholes lives. The most common age for onset of asthma is 6-8 years of age. Adults can get asthma as well, and their triggers may be different that those of children. Because onset is middle childhood or later, there is not an intrinsic problem with the lungs; instead the lungs need support and gentle stimulation from the correct homeopathic remedy, which can enable them to function normally. Simple diet changes can also reduce triggers for asthma. Get started on your way to running free again without worry!

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food allergy testing, for information purposes individualized homeopathic remedies support to reduce inflammation Dr. Lachman does not write prescriptions in the state of Pennsylvania. Please consult with your physician to maintain your inhaler. Request An Appointment