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Anxiety is a common concern brought to the Naturopathic doctor’s office. Whether you have always been an anxious person, or whether your symptoms started more recently or after a certain event, gentle support of the nervous system is necessary. Many people may be told that they have a chemical imbalance that may be producing anxiety. Instead of taking a drug to artificially alter levels of chemicals in the body, Naturopathic care supports you in making your own levels of these hormones. In this way, we know it’s in balance for you and your body. We’ll also look into what foods support these hormones and what nutrients help your body make hormones that calm the body.

Your customized program may include:

  • individualized homeopathic remedies
  • specific amino acid or nutrient supplements
  • specific fatty acids and other nutrients
  • general nutrition
  • Your solutions are tailored to your specific symptoms. Each month we will review the recommendations and tailor them to your symptoms.

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