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Symptoms – Acne

Acne Care

Whether you have breakouts all the time or you're a woman and you break out just before your period, there’s help for you. By balancing and normalizing the natural function of the hormones, acne can clear up, all without drugs or hormone pills. Did you know that nutrient deficiencies play a role in acne? Let’s make sure you’re getting enough of specific nutrients, which we dose at therapeutic levels. No side effects-- just clear effects!

Naturopathic medicine doesn't treat the skin or acne directly. Rather, we get to the root of the issue.

The primary pathways of elimination include:

  • liver,
  • kidney,
  • stomach,
  • intestines, and
  • lungs.
  • The secondary pathways include the:
  • skin, and
  • mucous membranes (digestive tract, sinuses, ear canal)
  • If the primary pathways of elimination are blocked, then the body will try to eliminate via the secondary pathways.

    An example of this can be seen with the accumulation of the body’s own hormones that are ineffectively processed by the liver and that can manifest itself as acne. In this way, we see, for example, that almost all skin conditions are a result of the blockage of one the primary routes of elimination. Biotherapeutic drainage can restore the imbalance in the liver both in the cells and outside the cells. The end result would include not only clearing the acne, but addressing the root cause of the problem. Thus, biotherapeutic drainage allows the system to self-regulate and re-establish homeostasis.

    Each month, you will receive different gentle remedies that further clear out and normalize the function of your organ systems. You may also receive different nutrient regimens. If you've benefitted from antibiotics in the past, we can use natural antibacterial herbs to support your skin as well.